Off on holiday


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Apr 14, 2007
I'll be away for a while - going to Florida in a few hours.

Anyone reccommend me anything I should do while I'm there?
Have a good time, dude! If you're forced to do the Disney World thing, then make sure that you at least get to see Epcot Center. It's fairly interesting. Other than that, get yourself a tan and get back safe.
Have a good time for sure. I would recommend checking out the NASA facilities that are open to the public. I found that the most interesting.
I havent been there since 1990, so I am not up to date on most things, I did Disneyworld. I mostly remember old folks and everyone we went people giving us wierd looks because we had Alaska license plates.
Got back a few days ago. Weather was amazing for a lot of it, about as good as we get in August over here but they get that in Feb. What a joke.

Yeah, lots of old people, endless villas but lots of nice places to eat and we did a lot of stuff on the water and didn't end up going to Disney. Went on airboats, jet skis and all that.

On the topic of NASA, I heard the sonic boom on the beach from that shuttle coming back down.