Pinochet Dies


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Nov 2, 2006
Former dictator of Chile Augusto Pinochet has died, a week after he suffered a massive heart attack. Chile is already erupting in celebrations and riots. What does everyone make of this? Is it really significant, other than he was on trial accused of torturing/killing thousands of people?
There is always some pinhead ready to take the place of these guys once they die. I guess it is significant to Pinochet and the people whom he harmed, though.
I know this sounds bad, but I don't recall hearing much about him over the years. Apparently he was a pretty mean guy. It should be interesting to see who is chosen to replace him and if the people will even have a vote.
I would think that some people just feel like they can take a deep breath now and not worry about him ever hurting them again. I must be in some bubble. I had not heard of his death yet.
The only things I have heard about Pinochet was that he started a solid economy in Chile (which I would approve of). But I did hear that he showed no tolerance to dissent and other political thought and used the state powers to terrorize people (I strongly disapprove of).
To add to that I believe he was supposed to be tried for cimes against humanity along the lines of the murdering dictator sort implied by "no tolerance to dissent".
The guy was a monster. You should read up on him. The funny thing is I read about him the day before he died... He comitted (As previously stated) thousands of murders... MEANINGLESS murders. And he was denying them for the longest of times.

I'm personally, glad he's dead. :thumbup:
Ha, you mean you guys. I and a few other posters on this forum don't come from the US.

And even then, it wasn't you directly. Just the administration that is supposed to be heading the country you live in :p