PS3 Mayhem!!


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Jul 3, 2006
What did everyone think about the launch of the Playstation 3? I heard that one man shot someone waiting in line to get one at a local chain store.

P.S I have one sitting in my room waiting for Christmas to get a little closer. What can I say, I am a Capitalist at heart.
Heh, don't ask me, I don't own consoles and despite my being tempted to try getting one, I usually am cured of the desire after a few hours of playing on one.

The gaming world might be a fantastical phenomenon but it has already rearing its ugly side for some years now. Its disproportionality is another facet of a system going off the rails.
I am just glad that these people are getting their consoles so that they can stay out of public. Scary.
Yeah, because only a small percentage of the population are fit to run society:evilsmile:
I don't get how a gaming console can precipatate someone actually shooting another person. I come on it is a game. I just find it ridiculous.
If you know anything about the boom of the gaming industry in the past decade or so, it will make more sense. It is no longer "just a game", but rather, it is the most powerful and yet still fastest growing sector of the commercial market, not least because of the development of computer technology facilitating increases in the versatility of such games.

As such we are no longer talking in terms of "light entertainment" but the kind of madness that one would associate with economically oriented pursuits.
Coming from America, the land where you can be killed for your shoes in the wrong neighborhood, I don't find murder for a PS3 surprising. For a bit more context, there were lots of Chinese nationals paid to stand in line to turn around the PS3's for sale on ebay. The money involved was around 100k yen, which is about $1000 USD per unit. While I'm sure it isn't common, I'm sure there are people who will kill ya for a lot less if they think they can get away with it.

The consensus in the nerd community is that the PS3 launch was handled miserably by Sony. They hyped it up to the max then vastly under supplied their retailers, pushing people into that situation around the country.
Not news: One can be (and many have been) killed for a) accidentally bumping into somebody in a crowded diner b) looking at somebody the wrong way c) no apparent reason at all, in the wrong neighborhood.
I completely understand what you are saying but just because someone has shot someone else over a pair of shoes doesn't make this anymore of a dumb and stupid thing to do. I don't care how much more the PS3 can do in the end it is just an entertainment for people.
I wouldn't have a PS3 if they gave me one. My kids have access to a computer which can actually be used to LEARN something. I can't see spending the kind of money they're asking for it. Plus, I imagine the games for it are outrageous, too. Nope, not gonna go there no matter how much my kids beg.
Heh, of course Tater- I was not trying to justify the events, only provide some perspective- a normative one at that.
I would never buy into the hype of a new console system. I am a huge gamer, but I can't imagine waiting in those retarded lines to get one on release day... or worse yet, paying through the nose on eBay for one.
Although I don't mind being the seller of such a system.

Oh and Brandon…
You're welcome kid... all I have to say. Ha-Ha
I've always waited for a pricedrop before purchasing. Yes, I'm a cheapskate. I'd rather be able to buy a few more games then go thru all the mayhem and inflated prices seen at launch.
exactly fourbear... and if you wait a while after launch, the bugs and glitches have usually been worked out of the system also. Yet another bonus!
My brother is one of those nostalgia gamers: in the hype, such a word as 'classic' occupies a different, and somewhat hallowed niche. As such, he got himself an N64 a few months ago for the express purpose of playing Mario-Kart 64 on it.

I have no desire to keep up with the Joneses myself. That only becomes a requirement these days if one's social activity is dictated by the world of gaming, especially online. And I'm really not sure this should be the case.