Declaring war, on the war , on the war on Christmas.


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Jan 17, 2008
land of 10,000 lakes and 2 senators again
As some of you have watched, I am sure mindless sucking it in as true, and even meaning have watched the Fox war on Christmas Bullsh** for years now. You know because Liberals hate Christians and Christmas...this of course ignores facts such as most Democrats being Christian and celebrating Christmas. But its a good way to start the fight...

Today a oddly Hypocritical slovo of Fire was fired by the mindless Barbie doll Palin. Attacking the Obama Christmas card for, being basically what everyone else has sent out...sorry I mean a attack on Christmas and failing to point out the true meaning of Christmas...also Dogs are Evil and Santa hates them. ( read here facebook or twitter if you are lost) The card did not say one would expect from a Secret Muslim of course..Other Secret Muslims or at least not real Christans would be Bush, and Reagan ( pretty sure Bush HW as well) as they failed this.

Clearly Obama is a major A-hole who hates Christmas and has no clue what its realy about...Like Fox who knows its really about not saying Christmas on the card as well..( they can they are fox its just implied right? ) and basically making the card about saying how great they are and how the other networks are behind them. Nothing says Jesus happy birthday like, yelling I am better then you and mooning the others who did not get as many gifts as you this year right?

Of course this year, Satan himself , Lincoln Chafee , took out a small doll named Jesus and proceeded to defile it before all to see. I mean a Holiday Tree lighting? What the F is that? Realy? I mean realy how can I figure it out! Fox news was kind enough to Report that the past Republican Gov would never have done such a thing. He loved Jesus and America...Unlike Chafee who tries to lure kids into vans at me.....I mean who realy cares if its not true, If Fox says it, it now is claim to have photos proving it wrong? why do you hate Tradition with your Revisionist History?

Its takes me back to a time, watching Bill O, ranting about happy Holidays being said by workers at retail Retail place he really should have hit, was this "fox news" place selling happy Holidays stuff on there website..ummmm wait...please ignore that last part...saying happy Holidays is a affront to all Christians...They only get to have 2 months of every place you go being about ummm "The Holidays" though clearly anyone at the mall knows they really mean Hanukkah and Kwanzaa right? Everyplace you go its, Jewish Music and crap about Black Culture...But where are the things that really say Jesus was born today? Like Pine Trees like those found in the middle east when Jesus was born on Dec 25th...What the hell do you mean there are no Pine Trees there? and he was not Born in Dec? ummm Whats next there was no Red Guy in a suit there Sponsored by Coke there? ( if you ever wondered why Santa is Red and White, ask Coke)

OK so fine, some facts are off but the point is the Secularist Are trying to Steal Christmas and its not nice to steal a Holiday that was rightful taken already from someone else.. Saturnalia. And if we we lost Christmas, then the only one left that we stole is Easter.

I guess the point is, that next time you go to the store and buy a huge amount of crap for people like Xbox games ( Jesus says no to PS3) and they say Happy Holidays...get really pissed. You stood in that checkout line clearly long enough for that Cashier to look at you, figure out your Religion ( yes we even tell what church you went to, its in your eyes. You next, I see that crooked Jewish nose, don't worry I know I know,...I will not wish you a Merry Christmas, just this person...After all killed Jesus. So if I do say Happy Holidays to you, but you are a Christian..don't worry I know...I just think your a Ahole and a bad person. Take it personaly.
If ever you wanted a baromometer of the stupidity of the average American the popularity of Sarah Palin is it

She is a religious fundamentalist half-wit