Republicans' task of winning elections-2008


Dec 20, 2007
Since the elections fever in America is gaing its higher degree wth the passing of every day, it seems that for the Republicans the coming elections would be tough task. Although on the domestic policy fronts, the Bush administeration has gained some momemtum by recently passing a bill on energy- a first of its kind in the thirty years of US history and by passsing the latest immigrations bill( albeit a reflection of US's policy of prochialism towards the foreigners), on the external policy fronts, Republicans' foreign policy has been the main subject of disputes and cotradictions, particularly US's invasion of Iraq in 2003, its inventive theory of threats to be posed by Iran's nuclear Progarm; its cotroversial war on terror and the US's passive peace policy in Mideast. As compared to the Republicans, the Democrats have soft margin of ganing edge over the Republicans because of their liberal foreign policy.
I would agree with a lot of what you said and I believe that Hillary Clinton will be our next president, barring a terrorist attack on American soil between now and next November.