Score for Bush and Co.

Furious George

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Aug 1, 2006
Bush and his cronies have finally passed one of the most blatantly ignorant, xenophobic, and just plain waste-of-resources bill in American history.

But what Bush fails to see, is that there are millions of ways to get into this country. Ports, for instance, are our least secure points of entry in this country. (Who can forget officials from Homeland Security sneaking in enough material to make two dirty bombs, using our own ports?). Is a fence really going to prevent them from getting into the country? Texas is bordered by two large bodies of water; The Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. What's to stop immigrants from traveling to the extremities of Texas and swimming/boating their way into the U.S.?

Let's face it. We could put a mile-high fence around every border in this country, and we would still not be immune from illegal immigration.

Okay, that simply has to be a vote grabbing tactic. Worse, it's more clutching at straws as it's bound not to work- the measure is as you say far too superficial to have any effectiveness whatsoever.

For anybody who wants to go somewhere, a fence is the weakest kind of deterrent.
I already know it's a vote grabbing technique, along with Gay Marriage, the Iraq War, etc.-but it's the meer fact that people SUPPORT and BELIEVE in legislation like this that irks me.
Vote grabbing tactic, did you say?

Kind of like admitting that he's not happy with the Iraq war, as he did this week?

And the price of gas going to affordable levels right before the election?

God I hope that nobody buys the bull.
You know they will. For the Aus version, you should see how John Howard plays his cards. It's incredible.
The saving grace to the fence bill is that it didn't come with any funding, and isn't "required" to be complete until shortly after Bush is out of office. Its definitely a vote grabbing technique, but at least the odds of it getting built are still pretty low.

Maybe its just because I've been watching Jericho or something, but I would support a network of radiation/biochem detectors around our border. (or if they can do it from space? i dunno...) It would probably be a lot more expensive, and it wouldn't help with immigration, but it would reduce the odds of a crippling attack from some fringe group. Given the way we're making enemies lately thats probably a good idea.
Its like a wall, right? Hey! I have a good idea! Let's just build a wall, instead of a fence! And then, let's make sure that we build one along the canadaian border too! Hey, why don't we just wall up the beaches, all along the other two sides of the county. I think that would work best.

Its too bad you can't show sarcasm when you type.
Well, this is apparently a priority for many Americans. I don't see why it is, but it is.

I mean, all my family is from America, going back for centuries, but I welcome everyone as long as they work.
It's called xenophobia. People are looking for a source to blame their problems on, and it just so happens the illegals are the next best thing aside from liberals. That's how conservatism works-blame your opposition, and only give in unless absolutely necessary.
and its a direct result of the scare tatics used by the media and the government to control us citizens. have you seen the political adds that show "terrorists" sneaking into our country and etc? no wonder they can drum up so much support - they have created the fear themselves.
I think it's been said on this forum that this is a typical political tactic, especially come campaign season.
I just don't know what to say when there's a post about Bush and Co. scoring points at all. I mean, is it election time yet? Come on.
The alternative is that they're dumber than we all thought. And since that's a horrifying prospect, we must give benefit of the doubt, unpalatable as it may seem.

Political strategy does not have to be a set of immediate triggers. Given the steady decline in his approval rates lately, it doesn't matter how many devices Bush uses, no amount of swing will save his presidency come campaign time. He has to continuously appeal to his target demographic as the odds are clearly stacking against him now. The consequence of this is an increasing polarisation of the US public.
I agree with you all that this fence idea is just a tactic and probably will never get built. I have no problem with people that want to come and live here as long as they come legally. The one thing I don't get and some of you might disagree with me is why don't they go after the companies that are hiring the illegals? On the flipside it does seem like the jobs that the illegals take are the ones that a lot of Americans (not all mind you) will not work at. Which makes no sense to me. I have a family to support and you can bet that I would take whatever job necessary to support them.