Score for Bush and Co.

I think the answer to that question is economics. I am not familiar with the relationship that the US government has with corporations (i.e. what kind of capitalism is it) but I would think it highly likely that such a move would hurt the administration's own financial support; it is not a good idea to shoot yourself in the foot by canning your own support base. Can you see a double-standard in this?
I agree with you all that this fence idea is just a tactic and probably will never get built. I have no problem with people that want to come and live here as long as they come legally.

I agree with you, tater. I don't have a problem with people wanting a better way of life, a chance to better themselves. I just have a problem with them coming into the country illegally and then all the governmental agencies bending over to give them benefits that some Americans don't qualify for. And, it seems almost every woman that comes in is already pregnant.
Hey Mamab,

I agree with what your saying for the most part, the only thing I would mention is that illegal does not equal immoral or wrong. When tons of employers want their services in the states, and the states are the only place they can get employment then its a win/win for them to cross the border, legal or illegal. If our laws don't accommodate it thats unfortunate and we should fix it. Being upset about law breakers who only break asinine laws is silly. Ever know someone who slurped their soup in New Jersey?

The benefits issue is a bit muddled, since many illegals pay taxes under fake SSN's to help the business avoid tax problems. They're working in the country, they're paying taxes in the country, they live (or want to live) in the country, but they aren't citizens. It seems to me that if you pay the taxes that fund services, you should be eligible to receive them... of course its confusing because they *are* illegal, even though they should not be.
It is ridiculous to discount the reality of labor surplases and their effects on crime, social structures, and the wage situation here in America. This is an action that must be taken, and one that will be taken in the next five years despite some people's beliefs that we should let whoever wants to come in be here. Building a wall on BOTH borders is a lot more secure, and cheaper then going thousands of miles to prevent a terror action that was never going to happen in a losing war fighting an insurgency.
But what Bush fails to see, is that there are millions of ways to get into this country. Ports, for instance, are our least secure points of entry in this country. (Who can forget officials from Homeland Security sneaking in enough material to make two dirty bombs, using our own ports?). Is a fence really going to prevent them from getting into the country? Texas is bordered by two large bodies of water; The Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. What's to stop immigrants from traveling to the extremities of Texas and swimming/boating their way into the U.S.?

Let's face it. We could put a mile-high fence around every border in this country, and we would still not be immune from illegal immigration.

See, what you, and others fail to realize is a very simple concept. The living conditions in Mexico are inumerably times worse than packing 30 people in a 2 bedroom apartment--to them that's much more livable than living in the desert with no roof over your head. And don't even give me the 'come here legally' line, because in reality, we all know how uneffecient this process is. At the rate we currently allow people to become legal [sometimes it can take 6 months to 1 year] it would take YEARS to legalize all immigrants that come in on a daily basis. So you're left with few options--speed up the system, become a xenophobic country, or do nothing. With the current administration the last option will probably be implemented. [It's been over 6 months since I've heard a SINGLE thing about solving the immigration problem from Bush]

Locking up our borders will just force the illegals to become more creative.