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'Squirrel' was first mammal to fly 125 million years ago - Independent

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by Walter, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Walter

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    'Squirrel' was first mammal to fly 125 million years ago
    [SIZE=-1]Independent - 39 minutes ago[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]By Steve Connor, Science Editor. A squirrel-like mammal that lived 125 million years ago appears to have discovered flight at about the same time, or even earlier, than the first birds, scientists have found.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Mammals gliding before birds flew [SIZE=-1]Courier Mail[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Mammals may have flown before birds [SIZE=-1]Mongabay.com[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Science Now - CBS News - Salon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]all 101 news articles[/SIZE]


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