Stop The NAU and NAFTA Highway

Stop These Projects

STOP THESE PROJECTS SINCE THEY ARENOTLIKE ANY PREVIOUS HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION.It is actually a daisy chain of dozens of corridors and coordinated projects that are expected to stretch out for several decades, cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and end up radically reconfiguring not only the physical landscape of these United States, but our political and economic landscapes as well.
I think I can only tick two of those boxes at most, so I don't think I will be signing this. Anyway, I'm very sceptical about this North American Union thing anyway.
This is a matter of national sovereignity. And NAFTA and the NAU are designed to compromise our independent sovereignity.
Whether you are conservative or liberal, old or young, wealthy or not so wealthy, this issue should be a uniting force.
Sign the petition and let your Congressman know how you feel.

And if you are from Florida, sign the petition to recall Martinez:
It is very real and there are federal government websites devoted to it also.
something we should be watching in the coming months and years.
Whats with the boxes? I only signed two. So what. Are Republicans the only ones who are allowed to sign? I think people need to know that these are not Republican only issues. They are American issues.