Straight talk from a conservative to Sen. McCain


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Jan 9, 2008
Dear Mr. McCain:

You've made quite a deal about how you are straight with people, and that sometimes you disagree with conservatives and are upfront with them about it. You deserve no less from us, and here is what some of us conservatives would like to tell you: you better start looking more like a conservative, or many conservatives will stay home on election day. Surely, that's likely to wipe out your shakey chances against Hillary Clinton in the general election. You spend a lot of time in the beltway, and people who do that can lose contact with their natural constituency, expecially if the lib media is always telling you how great you are for siding with democrats. We've just had a "moderate" republican president for eight years, and the last conservative one was 20 years ago. Although no sector of the american electorate can get what they want all the time, sometimes it seems like we get no support from you on what we see as some of the most clearcut issues of importance to conservatives. For your good, for the good of the conservative movement, and for the good of the country, we urge you to listen to us, before it's too late for all three.
Straight talk from anyone to Sen. McCain

Dear Mr. McCain:

Your service to our country in the military and your suffering as a POW is noted. However we face the aftermath of terrible Republican leadership & the Bush administrations made up war and subsequent occupation. We need someone that doesn't think 100 more years of the same is a good thing. This isn't really the time to elect someone who says, The economy isn't my strong suit." Plus you sometimes show the early stages of altzhiemers... memory problems and such. This may be the reason for all of your flip flopping... but still how can anyone see all your many trips to the Waffle House as "straight talk"?

It may really be time to consider retiring.
Note from a pragmatist to John McCain:

We really don't give a rip how you feel about abortion, since there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

We could care less how you feel about homosexual unions, since marriage is not in the purview of the federal government.

You can call yourself a conservative, a moderate, a wookie, or whatever other meaningless term you think will improve your political capital.

Here's what we want you to do, should you be elected:

1. Put an end to the war in Iraq without simply pulling out and leaving a wider war behind. We know you mistakenly believe that having invaded Iraq was a good thing, but we won't hold that against you if you can come up with a reasonable and workable plan to put an end to it. What is your plan?

2. First and foremost, you have to balance the federal budget. You are going to inherit a horrible mess in Washington, with tons of red ink being used and no one seemingly interested in putting our fiscal house in order. How do you plan to do that?

3. You lost a lot of points by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. Here is one issue in which a flip flop is in order. Don't you remember what happened twenty years ago when amnesty was tried? We can't afford a repeat of that fiasco. Just how do you plan to secure the border and bring about meaningful immigration reform?

Please let us know your plans. Give us an in depth and well documented plan. Post it on the internet, release it to the media, let us read your words for ourselves, not what someone thinks you said or should have said. Spare us the 30 second commercials, as we don't believe a word of what is said on them anyway. If you do play commercials, please include who paid for them, and what they want from you in return. We want to see something like this: "This commercial was paid for by Exxon Mobile, who wants to continue having subsidies" or something along those lines.

Oh, and please pass this request on to Obama or Clinton, whichever you will face in November.
Straight talk from Osama bin Ladin to John McCain:

Listen to the appeasers, Mr. McCain, and cut and run from Iraq. Although our name, "al qaeda", ironically means "the base" in arabic, thanks to Bush we have no base in any country now, like we did in afghanistan under the taliban. Iraq would serve that purpose well, and one way or the other we will get a safe presence in that country if you are gone. Then, instead of spending our time dodging pilotless drones, we can refocus on making world-wide attacks against infidels. Allah be praised. So listen to the democrats on this - you did what they wanted before - right?
Straight talk from the children to Sen. McCain

We're still young so we're not that good at math but I don't think wasting $10,000,000,000 (Ten Billion Dollars) a month for the next hundred years is a very good deal. There might be something over here in America that might require some funding. Besides even I know that the country of Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11 and the only reason there are any al qaeda in Iraq is because American troops are over there occupying a Muslim country.

I know there are these people called neo-cons that would like to build a Military Nation Building Empire at the expense of American children but that's just dumb. Keep searching for that Bin Laden guy, spend money here at home on Homeland Security and bomb terrorist cells back to the stone age whenever you find them... but stop all your double talk and especially stay away from those far Right Larry Craig guys... they scare me!