Super Delgates Tied


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May 28, 2007
After Bush the Republicans never really had a good chance. Polling shows something like 85% of Americans think we're on the wrong path. That's counts BIG TIME in a general election because of Independents. Plus the advantage goes big to the Dems this go around in new voter registration as well.

On the numbers I just heard a political strategist on the radio today talking about the electoral college thing. The fact is if you look at the raw numbers of people that have voted in the primaries for both Obama & Clinton put them together and even then reduce that number by a third or more it should still swamp the Republican vote even in some usually Red States.

I just want the primaries to conclude so we can get to the head to head match ups. Put McCain and Obama on a stage somewhere together a few times and let's take a look.

McCain OLD WAY CONTINUATION OF BUSH DOCTRINE... with a little more war thrown in by a guy that's well known for being somewhat of a hot head and is really showing some of the more negative signs of old age.

Or a younger more positive JFK type of leader in Senator OBAMA that promises to extract us from a Civil War in Iraq that we should have never gotten quagmired into in the first place. And stop the hemorrhaging of $12 BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH that is only at the beginning in it's snowballing negative effects on our economy here in the United States.

Lookin' forward to it myself! I think it's Barack & Roll Time! :)
Good Points Top Gun. I had often wondered about the combined votes between the democrats when compared to the GOP. I think many people are greatly overlooking the new voters that have come into the democrat fold in the last 6 months or so.