The greatest living Native American


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Apr 6, 2008
The people's republic of Eugene
In another thread there was a post talking about African Americans and how some of them feel they got a raw deal. A poster replied with a question, why is it that other minorities do just fine while the African Americans cry foul.

It got me to thinking about my most favorite Native, the only other conservative native outside of myself that I know of. His name is David A. Yeagley; he was born in Oklahoma City. He is a direct descendent of Bad Eagle (quin-ne kish-su-it), headman of an Antelope (kwerharenu) Comanche band (1839-1909).

I first saw him on c-span and I was I guess as touched and moved as some people are when they hear Obama speak.

If you are interested in reading about a native who did not sit and complain he got a raw deal, instead he educated himself and fights for causes he believes in. (not all of them I share)

He points out where the Natives went wrong. He brought me back to the memory of the proud Chiefs and Braves holding their heads up high, and how now they are reduced to poverty in reservations with their hands held out waiting on their government check. He also is brave enough to point out it’s by their own choice they are in this state. Many natives went against him when he said this. Like many blacks went against Bill Cosby when he spoke up about black America. When David pointed out the big wigs in the reservations were making a killing off of the gambling and the people in general still lived in poverty, he was threatened and told to shut up but he didn’t.

He is the greatest living Native that I know of. Lib’s would hate him :D

Read more about him at his website