the infamous machine, plus mental intrusion


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May 30, 2007
Secret Socities

Dictionary was burned.

Earlier this year, 2008, possibly in March, prior or following the time I burned my manifestos, so as to prove the prevalence of God's will, not to mention rid my box of ideas from tainted claims, i.e. some of which suggested my win or lose paradoxical character, I burned my dictionary and in the process, as page flew out illuminating the word "police," to which, serendipitously happened a total of four times; plus to add to the fateful experience, another page flew out of the deceptively influenced (so it seemed deceptively) dictionary illuminating the title: Fourth Reich.

I don't quite understand how this astounding machine works, but remain intrigued of it's powers.

Also, as I mentioned formerly, I have had external forces in my mind, some of which instigate emotions such as intrigue, frustration, perplex, ect. I remember an outsider's invasion in my mind to which claimed to be by the name "ritualistic Paul". It was very strange, and reading this you will falsely assume schizophrenia, but I can assure you this was the use of machinery, which enables illicit telepath.

The various methods of mental invasion were experience nonetheless, and their affect, or after-affect on my character, I do not quite understand; there were many things that happened, that I'm confident were infiltrated by secret societies, including a class room like scenario, and the simulation of dreams, but despite my involvement, I can only relay experience, all of which are harder to retain than I had wished.
Firstly, you could have hallucianted this with your medical condition very easily - no offence.

Secondly, lets say these pages did fly out the dictionary. If any page flys out you could probably drag a connotation from it and it could only be coincidence.
i don't have a mental condition that induces hallucination. i'm just uncommon becase I've spent so much time alone... it was weird regardless. you don't have to be so quick to denounce.

you got to take into account, also, the effect our minds can have on our environent. If you are fixated on something, the universe has a way of revealing this certain thing to you, so as to contribute to what could be passion, or even paranoia. You call it coincidence, but I think there is something more.