Vacation Time


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Nov 1, 2006
Many of us will be planning for some time off in a few months. What is your preference? A week or two away from home and work, or a series of three and four day vacations scattered throughout the summer?
This time around, I can only afford to do a few 3 or 4 day vacations, which is fine with me because there are several place I'd like to visit this summer that aren't too far away. I'm about due for a bigger trip, though.
That will most likely be my plan also, FourBear. This will be my first year working from home, and I really don't think I could bring things to a screeching halt for a whole week without hurting myself financially. But a few long weekends will probably be doable.
Yeah, I bet it would be tough to leave at-home work for a period of time. I have enough trouble getting time off from commute work! I just keep telling myself that I am earning a bigger vacation later on. ;)
I have been thinking about geting a cheap laptop and being able to work some while I get away for a few days - the only thing is who wants to work when you are supposed to be on vacation?
I think that for everybody that works at home is harder to think of vacation, because you are your own boss, and you know you will need that money that you are not making while on vacation... but what about thinking that you are also your best employee, and as the best you also deserve a vacation? maybe a week, just one week of forgetting about everything else? I think it is worth it! Give yourself that oportunity! The "worker" in you will appreciate it.
We've never been on a true vacation, in the almost 21 years we've been married. And we've never taken one as a family that was more than 2-3 days. So, hopefully we'll be able to do something this summer.
Now that I think about it, we never took a long vacation with my father! He always stayed home, because he had work. We went on short vacations with him, but it was a matter of weekend and it was just going to the beach for a day! He was an independent salesmen and later had a store. The store ended the long vacations with my mom too!
When I was a kid, we did day trips. If we could get up early in the morning, drive someplace and head home before midnight, that's what we did. Of course, there were four kids, so you can imagine the bedlam in the car!
I would prefer 3 weeks away but a Week always seems to do me good and not leave to much work piled up for me when i return! ;)