White and Nerdy

The only part I laughed at was the Segway, but the rest of it was a whole bunch of stereotypes and horrible music.
I agree with you, Palefrost. I think it is hilarious. I love Wierd Al. Somtimes, you just have to be silly.
Yup, I'm on the Wierd Al love train, too. He's a good satirist who'll never get credit for it because his stuff is too entertaining. Thanks for a great link.
I thought the use of sterotypes and bad music made it even funnier, but that's just my opinion. I still remember when his song "Amish Paradise" was big...it's still one of my favorites. Anyone who has made fun of Michael Jackson's songs has a few points in my book. Thanks for the link, palefrost.
I personally think it is kinda funny. Thank for the link. I had not realized he had anything out now. Thanks again.
You have to wonder what kind of drugs he's taking to come up with some of this stuff. Either that, or he just has WAAAY too much time on his hands. He is funny, though. He probably just says the things everyone else thinks and is afraid to say.