Armstrong Williams loses conservative cred

Maybe Armstrong Williams, though I seriously doubt it as his Tom credentials are well established, is finally seeing the Republican Party for what it really is....a party that knowingly and purposefully caters to white racists.

Why is a black republican automatically a "tom"?
Why do you even respond to such dimwitted statements? :confused:
Pot calling the kettle black.

Because if they continue to be espoused unchecked, eventually people will take them at face value.

To fit the definition of an "Uncle Tom" a black need only to be considered to be subservient to or to curry favor with whites. Like it or not, a man such as, for example, Clarence Thomas fits that interpretation.
Christ, well, if this is where the left is at intellectually these days, the right's got a bright future ahead of it.

Mods, are we really going to tolerate racialist trolling of this variety?