Best president?

Oh dear god, thems is fighting words.

Reagan? Reagan was the worst president, I even say he is worse then our current president (though few agree with me on that statement).
He drove up the deficiet to a max, brought unemployment up to a max, supported illegal behavior in Central America which resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives. And supported other murderous thugs like Noreiga.

Thats why.
Bill Clinton is da Man.

I must say Bill Clinton. Bill might have shown Monica how to blow his Sax :D
but at least he admitted the session anyways, and just because he did not admit it at first (who are we to judge)? I am sure that a real man would not have turned down any form of Sex, and by Bill being married it was a shameful mistake. As far as him being President he did his best to clean up Daddy Bush's BS, and if he could ran again he would have my vote.
Bill Clinton would probably be one of the best modern day republican presidents, but in the history of American presidency, he is as much responsible for our current state as Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2.