Bush's Press Conference


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Nov 2, 2006
Did anyone else catch the press conference that was on this morning? What do you think? I think Bush is going back on what he said only a few days (or weeks) ago, especially in terms of the war in Iraq.
Didn't catch the press conference, personally. I'm almost to the point where I just don't trust ANY politician to tell me the truth. I think they all do phone surveys to find out what people want and then say just what the people want to hear. I'm getting very cynical in my older age. :(
I missed this one. But it doesn't really surprise me that he is changing his tune. He seems to do this a lot lately. It's all about the polls in the end.
He just continues to lose more and more of my respect, personally. I wish he would say one thing and then stick with it!
You know a lot of the time I don't even make a point to listen to them anymore. I just don't trust anything he says.
I don't think Bush even knows what he's talking about. It seems from my perspective, that he says what is on his mind, and not in his heart. I'm willing to bet he's a very decent guy, but it just seems he's so hungry to fill the mold of the Reagen-esque presidency, trying to be a 'true' American, a family guy, loving husband, etc.
One petty thing I noticed at during his last address: he still says "nucular" and not "nuclear." For some reason, that drives me nuts!