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May 2, 2007
Dallas, Texas
Blatant ABC
Chemtrail Subliminals
By Marjorie Tietjen

What is the main purpose of the extensive chemtrail jet aerosol program and is this operation a permanent necessity? I ask myself these puzzling and frustrating questions over and over again but there seems to be no certain answer.

Several days ago, I was speaking with a customer in my store who happened to mention that he was in the Airforce. Needless to say, that peaked my interest. I asked him what he knew about the current jet aerosol operation. I briefly described what I was referring to and I could sense that he knew exactly what I was talking about. I brought up the possibility of the chemtrails being used as some sort of sunscreen. He replied in a very sincere manner...."well, you know that we are having problems with too much of the sun's radiation entering our atmosphere." At that point another customer joined the conversation, changed the subject and dominated the whole interchange. Soon the gentleman from the Airforce said that he really had to go and I didn't have an opportunity to ask any further questions. It was very interesting to note his reaction when I was showing him some of my chemtrail photos. He never once said oh... those are only normal contrails. In fact he didn't say anything. He wore a look which said to me that he knew exactly what I was talking about and wished he could say more.

Whatever the purpose is of this covert operation, it seems as if it is intended to last for quite a while, if not indefinitely. The reason I am currently coming to this conclusion has to do with the intense subliminal messages being put forth by the media. If this Jet Aerosol Operation was temporary there would be no need for the extensive mind control or conditioning tactics we are witnessing. I have noticed that ABC seems to be the most obvious offender. I have complained several times to the manager of our local ABC affiliate, that the weather graphics have changed in accordance with the condition of our skies. I brought to her attention the fact that the 8 day weather planner depicts smeary chemtrail like backgrounds every single day of the week and that this had been taking place for at least half a year. I mentioned to her that the message these graphics are portraying is that we never have any more normal blue sky days. She seemed sincerely ignorant of the whole ruse and I also think that she thought that I might be a little bit "off balance".

I asked who helped their station decide what graphics to use. I believe the correct initials were AWS...( Associated Weather Service?). I contacted them but could only get connected with a branch that educates school children about the weather. It's been perhaps half a year now since I've spoken to ABC concerning this matter. The weather graphics have since changed back to the original blue sky background with clouds, rain or sun superimposed on a dark blue background.

However, the chemtrail subliminals have now become much more pervasive and are being displayed on the news and even on the evening game shows. Last night and every night the ABC evening news shows blatant chemtrails on a blue background directly behind the anchor people. After the news I thought I was going to enjoy Jeopardy but I was so distracted by the chemtrails and smeary cloudlike formations in the blue squares behind the contestants that I couldn't concentrate on the show. Wheel of Fortune followed Jeopardy. At least this show used some imagination and portrayed the chemtrail streaks as moving around in a kind of spotlight fashion. At this point I had had enough. Other T.V. programs may also be involved in this deceptive conditioning technique but I don't watch enough T.V. anymore to be able to say.

I think we need to ask ourselves which chemtrail scenerios would require an indefinite application and as a result benefit from this type of subliminal conditioning?

When I try to inform friends and strangers about the chemtrail issue and how it's purpose is being kept secret from us...most respond with the comment that if the chemtrail operation is for is most likely for our own good and the government must be keeping it's purpose secret so as not to alarm or panic the people. That explanation doesn't quite make sense to me either. In fact the media's/government's specialty seems to be aimed at creating constant panic and a sense of insecurity for the purpose of manipulating the masses.

So, what's the answer to all this? Is it better to live in ignorance especially if it seems as though there is nothing we can do to change the situation? If the Aerosol Program is soley for our benefit, with no other recourse, then I would think that informing the public would be the most productive path to take. The answers which will benefit us all are out there but in order to access them we need to work together, pool our resources and share our insights. How can we do this if most of the population is kept in the dark? The only reason that I can see for keeping us from the Truth of this issue is if there are nefarious purposes behind this massive program.

Those of you who are perhaps innocently involved in certain factions of this program need to question the explanations you may be recieving. No one wants to contribute towards something that may go against their deeply held principles.
It hasnt turned into a huge discussion yet

Im still waiting for someone to be able to propel it there though
I have been seeing more and more of these Chem-Trails criss crossing the Sky's here in WA. The ones going form north to south or visa versa, stop when in the vicinity of Sea-Tac airport. I will video these some day and have them on the net. Now, you cannot convince me that they are not chem trails, as every time they break in the same place, day after day, con trails just don't do that.