Does anyone even read Time Magazine anymore?

Exactly. It says "From the Arab Spring to Athens, from Occupy Wall Street to Moscow".

For those that are dead-set against OWS, they're going to have a problem with anyone or anything that even hints at suggesting that the movement has *anything* good about it.

The movement is good.
Yes yes, the standard right-wing answer for everything: Just lower taxes and gut necessary regulations and the problems with disappear. Nothing bad could come of that.... :rolleyes: It's outrageous.

We have regulations for a reason.

Reagonomics didn't work.

Lowering corporate taxes just makes it hard when taxes have to be raised again. It doesn't bring in jobs. Nothing trickles down to the general populace.

View it how you wish.

Reagonomics did not work...Really? Can you offer some kind of proof for this absurd statement?

You might want to educate yourself on the topic rather than listen to the fools in the media. It worked very well in fact and not just for working Americans, but it generated huge revenues to the Treasury which unfortunately were squandered by progressive politicians on socialist programs which kill jobs and ingenuity.