It's kool to use the hussein name now!!!

Man what a cry baby you've become after getting so thoroughly defeated.:)

The fact most Presidents HAVE used their full name in the swearing in ceramony... just like Bush #41 & 43 both did.

There's a difference when someone is intentionally trying to make people believe something misleading about a person (trying to say President Obama was a Muslim) and someone who themselves is using their own birth given name.

President Obama has impressed me by the way he does what he thinks is right and not what others would try to force upon him. For example he wears a flag pin when HE wants... not just to create some ridiculous jewelry credentials.

And it's great that he'll be standing up there with his lovely family taking the oath of office for President of the United States of America showing pride in the name his mother and father gave him.

He will be one of America's great Presidents! If using his middle name is rubbing something in... RUB BABY RUB!

His arrogantcy will bring him down.
No, you are one in 300 million.

And if that ratio supported an argument the earth would be flat.

Make it 2 in 300 million..

BTW since there are nearly 2000 people on this forum.. that does equate to all your posts on threads being irrelevant also Dawkins... Since thats what most of us have come to expect of your retorts.

Personally I see no problem if he wants to use it ethier way. The man won president of the United States in a majority landslide election.. leave him be already and lets move on...
His arrogantcy will bring him down.

I don't think I've ever seen a more humble man.

You were actually much slicker when you were trying to fool us into believing you were a Hillary supporter! HA!:D

Try not to be too bitter my Gestapo Conservative!:)
Mr Dysfunctional I could not make any sense of your post.

It sounds like you think 2 in 300 million is a representative sample.

If you do then a random sample could show that all Americans are racist, obese, over 7 feet tall, black, white, democrat, communist etc etc.

Your point about the number of people on this board (2000????) was just gobbledegook.
One thing is for certain.

The middle initial 'dubbya' will be concealed by any future presidential candidates unfortunate enough to have it.
Gee.....that's odd.

YOU heard him say "Bring 'em on!!!"??????? :confused:

You must be the only one. :rolleyes:

Sure man I'm the only one... :rolleyes: