Justice for JonBenet after a decade??

They couldn't round up a decent suspect 10 years ago????

I feel like in cases like this, where the searches and arrests go on for years and years and years, no conclusion is ever reached. I understand that the family probably very desperately wants closure, but in cases such as this, this closure never seems to appear.
I think this guy is coo coo for coco pops if you know what i mean. He could have confessed to get out of thailand on other charges so he could be in the USA which is an easier justice system. I'm having a hard time buying his story.
I think there is a good possability that he is lying. a pert of me still thinks that the parents had a large part in the murder.
sad isn't it. this poor little girl had a bad life, an worse death and still there is no justice...
These are the reasons I hope there is a God. People like JonBenet's killer should get what is coming to them. If we cannot do it, I can only hope God can.
Every time I hear about this case, I wonder why it occupies so much time and space in the news. The murder of a six-year-old girl, even if it just happened an hour ago, is not worthy of prominent and long-term national news coverage. It simply isn't important enough and doesn't affect enough people. The only thing that gets it to pass muster is its "human interest" angle—that is, its appeal to emotion. Call me heartless, but there are much more noteworthy things happening in the United States and all over the world than an arrest in a ten-year-old murder case that wasn't even worthy of a color front-page photo when it was still a fresh wound.

Anyway, if the guy they have in custody sexually assaulted and killed that girl, he should be strung up by the nuts with a live, raw electrical wire and pelted to death by an angry mob hurling dry ice snowballs with razor blades in them. (Don't forget to wear gloves!) I have no pity or mercy for sex criminals, especially ones who target children.

But I still don't give a sh*t about the Jonbenet Ramsey case.
I care just about enough to think the parents had something to do with it. Alot of the hype and news coverage is due to the fact that she was a pagent kid, and everyone seemed to think that made the case more tragic.
Alot of the hype and news coverage is due to the fact that she was a pagent kid, and everyone seemed to think that made the case more tragic.
I know. If the victim had been some ugly, drooling, bucktoothed product of poverty and inbreeding, she would have been lucky to even get an obituary in the local paper.
Exactly... and It is disgusting that the news is run that way, but especially in the US beauty dictates coverage.
It is not just the news. Beauty dictates a lot of things. Human beings place beauty above other issues and ideas. I doubt that it will change, even if we used social engineering.
And in a final note on this subject... the man who claimed to have had a part in this crime, was let go today due to the fact that his DNA did not match that found at the crime scene...
surprise surprise. the case is back to square 1.