Muslim Student Associations Promote Violence


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Nov 6, 2007
MILWAUKEE – A controversial presence at UW-Milwaukee: a self-described former terrorist says Muslim student associations promote terrorism.

Walid Shoebat is traveling the nation speaking about “Why I Left Jihad.” To answer that question, he quoted a presence from his own Islamic studies.

“The day of judgment shall not come to pass until the tribes of Islam defeat the tribes of Israel in Jerusalem and in the surrounding nations,” Shoebat said.

The Muslim student association at UWM held an informational session following Shoebat’s talk Tuesday night. They accused Shoebat of crusading against Islam.
Here is a video of the interview with the UVM President of Conservative Student Association

Here is a video of the interview with the UWM Muslim Student Association
I looked at some of that guy's stuff (the former terrorist). It looks very interesting. I wouldn't mind reading his book, "Why I Left Jihad"