New Mod

Interesting. I would nominate Palerider as the next potential Moderator. The quote in Vyo's signature is resume enough for me.

Regardless, thanks vyo, now if you could figure out how to allow me to post attachments to the side I would appreciate it.
Just to let you know, all three of your names (Bunz, palerider, Coyote) were brought up but we went with vyo, that salty old bastard.
Salty? Old? I was rather under the impression that I was one of the youngest posters here.

And obviously most good-looking, but that's a given.
I had Justinian down as the type of kid who goes around calling everyone faggots and gay round school to make himself sure of his own sexuality, but his parents bought him a theasauras.
Jarhead, I appreciate the mention but wouldnt be able to do it regardless...unless there is large amounts of cash involved, which I dont think is the case.

Again, Vyo, anything I said rude about you or your family or friends, I have taken back and transfered them to 9Sublime.

Old no, but saltier than crackers dipped in soy sauce.