Obama announces new 54.5 MPG gas mileage standards: trading blood for oil again

Now why cant NASA scientists work on Cars get 60MPG or better? NASA is done in space exploration. Why cant they put that space exploration technology for better uses on earth? Like try solving engery and creating better cars,Safer and faster trains along with advancing medicene? Perhaps making some of Star Trek technology becoming reality like developing trainsporter room technology,Advancing more Lazer technology and an Hologram room?
Now why cant NASA scientists work on .....
That is a fine idea. I worked with NASA scientists in robotics after they dispersed at the end of the Apollo program. The government can't fund them with the budget cuts. It's up to the automotive, energy, etc. industries to hire them.
Something is terribly wrong with our Constitutional Republic if the executive branch can unilaterally decree anything.

Whether or not it is a good idea to require that cars have to get so many miles per gallon is irrelevant. If the POTUS can really decree such a thing, then this nation has truly lost its direction.

Well said. That kind of decree should take place only after a bill is correctly drafted and passed. Then the courts should declare it beyond the powers of congress to legislate.

If congress can tell one company that a car must get a certain mpg then why can't it tell restaurants how much fat to have in a burger, or a paper manufacturer how many sheets to put in a package, or a paper clip company how many times to bend the paper clip over...