What do we do about illegal immigration???

the ONLY way youll stop this is by arresting company owners corporate barons etc. and start taking away theyre licenses and theyre funds and if need be by taking away theyre business

we are the reason THEY come
Silly faggot

They invaded Italy and burned and pillaged everything in sight. Most illegal immigrants have entered America in order to find work for a livable wage. In my mind there's a difference between beating people over the head with clubs and scrubbing their toilets.

Well, duh. Do you think they'd challenge our authorities? They're doing it the modern way by stealing our jobs, taking over our industries and leech off the efforts of us and our ancestors.

Yeah, because they can't make a living in their own country. They're doing for themselves what is necessary to have a life that doesn't involve starvation and squalor. I find it hard to believe that if your positions were reversed you would do anything less.

Since when was it our job to provide these bastards with a decent living? That's not our job, that's their countries job. It's not our FAULT OR FAILURE they decided to have more kids than their economy could support and its not our obligation to take them in or put up with their Bull-.

But I suppose you care about me. Really, I'm touched.


If they had the capacity for a decent living in their original homes they never would have come, either.

THAT'S NOT OUR FAULT AND WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. They're not our people, they're not even Americans. They're trespassers and you want to roll over for them.

I'd have to say that most immigrants decided to come hear for economic reasons. How many immigrants in the 18th and 19th centuries were saying, "Gee, America kicks ass. Let's move there."

Actually, that's exactly what they were saying. Don't try and belittle who we are.

Were you stung by a Mexican as a child?

Were you having sex with one, inbred?

You could try understanding them a little. From everything you've said you obviously don't.

I understand this issue far more than you CAN understand. You have no idea of the consequences of a stupid silly opinion like yours has and you hold nothing sacraid to be defended.

Heaven forbid you might actually give charity to someone less fortunate than you. I didn't have any hand in the fighting for this country, either - I'm 19 and a college student - am I not an American, either?

Oh, you go to college. Well that explains a lot. I'll give you a heads up on something that takes sheep like you longer to figure out: The people in college don't know their ass from their elbow and are freaks and scumbags. I went to college too. The social sciences all have an agenda to put over you and many of the sciences and arts, too. Their textbooks are hand-picked for it. Yes, I read. I know when people are trying to brainwash me. I debated the teachers all the time and was good at exposing them and leaving them with a loss for words. You're just not as clever as I am to have figured it all out with their social engineering, and cleverly put phrases.

Aren't Christians supposed to be kind to their neighbors?
Yes but christians aren't stupid. You can't blindly be inviting to neighbors especially today. I don't trust my neighbors because people aren't universally taught right from wrong and to behave any more.

There could be all the money and jobs in the world in Mexico and it could still be an impoverished nation.

That's the stupidest thing I've read all week.

Your own favorite president seemed to think we owed them defense against European imperialism. You did say you were a fan of TR, correct? Perhaps you should invest some time in looking up the Roosevelt Corollary.

That's a good trick but he did it all for American Interest and not for there's. How could someone like you possibly understand a great man like Teddy Roosevelt.

If you dislike the government so much...well, there isn't a door, but nonetheless don't let it hit you on the way out.

I think you've been hanging around morons or intellectuals too much. Liberals will often make less and less sense as a discussion progresses. Cute catch-phrase though. I wonder how far back its currency is on this forum.

I figure this could mean one of two things: Either you're deluded enough to suggest that our government is solely run by Democrats (the Democratic-controlled Congress is still only about half a year old and the Court and the White House are still both Republican-controlled) or you're just on a tirade against democracy. Either way you're off your rocker.

No, the majority of government is completely run by Democrats and liberals.

Shouldn't that be her choice?

And shouldn't it be an Americans choice to sick their dogs on her?

And we only had to kill...how many?...of those natives you despise so much to get it.

I thank the Brits and Deutch every time I meet one.

There isn't such a long road between the government treating foreign citizens in a certain way and the government treating its own citizens in a certain way. Would that bother you?

Are you asking if I am against governments eliminating native favor? You're Goddamn right I am. Here's a question for you. Are you another New World Order side-show clown or just a confused college boy who's never spilt blood or lost a loved one for their country?