Where Do You Get Your News?


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Jul 14, 2006
I was wondering if more of you are getting your news on-line, in newspapers, or through television.

Thought this might make for an interesting discussion.
I personally try and get it from multiple sources. I read newspapers on my way to work, I read MSNBC, FOX News, CNN and the BBC websites during lunch. I watch the news on TV, everything from The Daily Show(granted it is parody) to The Oreilly Factor (parody?).

If you do not look at multiple sites you are only getting a narrow look at the world around you. People should not just pidgeon-hole themselves into watching or reading one news source.
I read the New York Post propaganda rag almost daily to keep up on the latest right-wing arguments (and because I like their puzzles). I sometimes watch local TV news as well (no particular network preference), and occasionally I put on the CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News rotating medley (I switch around between the three during commercial breaks and uninteresting segments). Online, I check whatreallyhappened.com every couple days to skim through its headlines, and I also check CNN.com, FoxNews.com, and NYTimes.com, plus whatever other random sites I encounter in my pursuit of stuff to read. I don't usually read political books, but I have read a few.

I generally find myself more interested in columns than in hard news items, though I do like to keep up on recent happenings.
I try and read and watch as much news as I can, unfortunatly I am a busy person and can't spend hour after hour skimming newspapers and flipping through news channels.
Im a media junkie! I get it from everywhere! Mostly online. Cnn, Fox, Google, BBC some other little news places. Newspapers arent current enough for me i need the latest and the net seems to provide that for me. Ill read anything not just news im into the latest trends of society and cultural changes as well.
A variety of places...digg.com, cnn.com, slashdot.org, cnet.com, etc etc it really depends what news I'm looking for.
Gotta say, I'm partial to the Washington Post, but from time to time they display bias that can get under my skin. Friends forward me articles from CNN and the BBC pretty often.
Admittedly, I'm not as on top of the news as I should be. I pretty much only watch televised news if something major is happening. Otherwise, it's all online for me, from a variety of sites (I LOVE the BBC)
I get most of my news online. I like msn.com. It brings anything really important right to your attention. It has good links for sports and always has great lifestyle articles.
Being an American ex-pat who is also a news junkie, I get most of my American news online or via satellite television (Fox and CNN here). So, I try to read or scan the NY Times, Washington Post, WSJ, etc. each day to keep up with things at home. Then a healthy dose of BBC4 radio news all day.
I read everything I can from local to national and then I get some stuff on-line and very little from television. I think that these days you need a lot of sources and the ability to read between the lines.
I tend to get the news predominantly from the BBC website. I also tend to listen to the news at least once a day.
I should start listening to BBC just to get a prospective from the other side of the world. Thanks for the idea. :)
I mainly get my news from streaming video, Google homepage (http://www.google.com/ig It's the best! You can customize your news sources, and even have custom RSS feeds! My main news sources include MSNBC, CNN, Faux News, and Reuters), or the occasional weekend newspaper. (New York Times)
Online: BBC, CNN, occasionally Al-Jazeera
TV: CNN, occasionally FOX. I hate Bill O'Reilly but sometimes watch it anyway. I enjoy watching Cavuto but he's on at weird times on the west coast. Love Olbermann but don't get to watch it much. Same with Bill Maher.
Newpapers: Local paper, Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.