Wheres The Fence?


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Senate immingration bill should be strict and No Amesty to illegal aliens. But if they want to work for citizenship they should meet these requirements.

1.Pay a fine of $5000

2.You must Register for a Social Security card

3.You must Register at Dept of Homeland Security for an ID card

4.You must have no criminal background ether from your homeland or from the US.

5.You must pay 10% Immingration tax out of your income along with taxes that are Local,state and Federal income taxes. US citizens dont pay immingration tax cause they are legal US citizens.

6.Illegal immingrants cannot quilify for Welfare,Food Stamps, W.I.C Programs and they dont quilify for Medicaid or even Medicare. Hospitals nor Health Clinics cannot treat any illegal immigrant without an proper ID card. If Doctors do treat them illegaly they can lose their
license and pay a $250,000 fine

7. Employers who hire illegal immngrants without proof of ID cards will face up to 10 years in fedral prison and must pay a $100,000 Fine
More useless immigration legislation. None of it does anything to hinder illegal immigration...it just makes immigration more difficult for those who do enter our country legally by creating more paperwork and bureaucracy. In regards to the fence, it was another pathetic attempt of Congress to make it look like they were doing something about illegal immigration when, in fact, they weren't doing anything at all. Yeah, they passed the border fence legislation but they only provided 1/10th of the funding required to actually build it.
I say we round up the illegals and make them build the fence, then deport them after it is done.