Did you know Canada doesnt have major crime problems like America does?


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Its true. Look up the stats between Canada and U.S crime numbers. Wanna know why Canada has less crime than America? Cause cops do their jobs there. You never seen the police arrest anybody who rides a bicycle going the wrong way. You never seen the police arrest just men beating up women in an elevator but look the other why when a woman does it. The fact is Canadian police officers let small things go. Cops in America dont. Thats why crime is out of hand in America. Look at NYC for example. The Mayor is an far left winged democrat. He doesnt want blacks harassed unlike former mayor Michael Bloomberg whos an right winged GOP who wanted the NYPD officers to frisk n search all blacks possible suspected carrying guns illegaly. Thats why NYC crime is going right back up causr now blacks know cops cant frisk them anymore randomly. Canada doesnt have liberalsim unlike America has.