Do fish serve a purpose other than for food?

What is the purpose of humans on the earth... all we do is destroy its resources, animals and plants.

Fish are part of an ecosystem, keeping a balance.

Humans are not part of any eco system. Our existence here is more pointless and destructive than a fish.
I wouldn't go that far, 9sublime. I think we have a part in the ecosystem, but beyond that we think too much of ourselves and our place in the universe.

Fish are pretty and fascinating. Even if I didn't eat them I would appreciate them for that. But I love eating them. Especially raw on sticky rice.
I love fish including these fish for dinner
We are not part of any eco system on the entire planet I don't believe. Without us the world would be a better place environmentally.
The Earth is a closed system. We are part of it--accidentally or not--for better or worse.

And there is still time to change. Who knows what the future will bring?

steve that catfish looks good. That's my favorite fish, second to salmon.
I have a pond full of goldfish that I enjoy watching. I wouldn't consider eating them.

I also like to fly fish, nearly always with a barbless hook, and release probably 99% of the fish I catch. Fish are for recreation as well as for food.

But Steveox's picture does look appetizing.
Lindsay is a PETA fish lover.
Listen girl,Fish are ment to be eaten.Youre not puuting down the sharks too are you? Sharks eat fish too.While youre at it go down to your local zoo and preach to the sharks how fish are friends and see how they respond.Just like the lions got sick and tired of a man preaching to them he wants to be friends with the lions.Look here :)
Speaking for myself, it's not my place to say whether or not fish should be eaten. I just know that I choose to eat them and my conscience seems OK with it so far.

Lindsay I was a vegetarian (almost) for 5 years but I never could give up fish.