New terror threat?


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Jul 18, 2006
Today we got word that terrorist were trying to blow up planes again. I find it disturbing that this happens when the Bush administration or the Blair administration is in trouble. Yesterday Blair's approval rating was going down quick and today he's discovered terrorist. Does this bother anyone else?
I was actually just about to post a thread about the 'sports drink' explosives that the terrorists were supposedly planning to use.
And yes, it does bother me that right as his approval rating starts to hit the floor he manages to nab a group of terrorists headed to US soil.
More disturbing than Blair though is the fact that one of the supposed terrorists worked for Heathrow and had a full access pass to the airport. Shouldn’t they be doing some more stringent pre-employment testing?
From the news reports here in the U.K., it was passengers they were worried about not employees. Looks like more strident passenger testing is on its way!
The news in the US was saying that one of the men arrested was an employee and had full access to the airport .
I heard that about the employee as well. This just may be proof that this is yet another diversion by the US and the UK in time sof political chaos. I find it so disturbing that the terrorist only come out when the politicians are at their moments of panic.
I honestly think in this case, you have to look beyond your feelings about Bush or Blair. I know from friends, and from reading US papers, what the coverage is back there, and it's a lot more serious from the perspective here in the UK. The UK has had a very open door policy with Muslims which is rapidly back firing.
The fact that terrorist have struck on a number of occasions, I'm inclined to believe that if Governments take such drastic far reaching measures, it is more than likely to be true.
I am sticking by my oppinion, which is that you can never really trust anyone with something to loose. politicians especially, you have to take it with a grain of salt after all governments are not nessicarily known for telling their people the whole truth.
I live in England and I can assure you that what has happened over the last week will in no way help Blair's rating, if anything the opposite.

It just leads people to turn back and say all his actions regarding Iraq etc are what have led to this situation in the first instance.
Do you think that people in the UK are feeling that the Iraq thing is what is causing the terrorist attacks? Is there a person in opposition to Blair that stands out?
I think it is felt here that Iraq adds to the situation but it still all stems from Al Qaeda. It feels much more like a holy war here than it did for me in the States.