What to do about Darfur?


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Jul 3, 2006
I came across a couple articles about the darfur conflict. I find this conflict to be without cause and morally despicable. This proves that humans can be without a moral compass.

Millions of people are dying and what are we doing about it? Nothing!

Here is the Wikipedia article:
It is a situation that is so horrific, yet among people that are so far removed from our ability to personally identify with, that it is easy to keep this enormously overwhelming situation low on the priority list.
It is again amazing what people will do and not do. The Unioted States gets into any conflict that directly affects them but will not stand up for the little guy as they claim they do. These actions are an outrage and I think that more people have to spread the word. Good for you Brandon for bringing to the forum.
This just goes to show you that unless the US can make a buck off of this that they will not get involved.
Feeling a little cynical today Word2Action. The US donated money to the tsunami victims without any benefit.
Considering all of the conflicts the US have involved itself in, it is disgusting that this is one of the few our government is not sticking its nose in. Iraq - "mission accomplished”, but could America help end the horrid actions being taken in Darfur... evidently not.
I just don't understand how this "ethnic cleansing" is being ignored.
It can't yet the US continues to stick its head in the sand. I say tell everyone you can. We have to bring this tragic issue to light as much as possible.
What did you have in mind kokotai?
how do you propose we get the attention of a government who doesn't give a F***?