youtube curse


Feb 3, 2007
It seems the thing to do is to drop a video clip on people without explaining anything about it, in order to preserve the surprise, I suppose. And I could watch these things here in my small office. But without any warning, with idiot friends like I have, suddenly it's a video of something sick like somebody in a car crash getting their head ripped off, or some morbidly fat chick dancing around in a bikini, or something else disturbing, stupid, pointless, and somewhat embarrassing when viewed by co-workers in clsoe quarters. All things I do fine in my life without seeing, like 99.999% of the rest of the **** that's available on the Internet.

I fear over-saturation. I kind of really don't respect that aspect of our culture, this idea that we have access to absolutely everything whenever we want it. I have no illusions about the hardships our ancestors faced in the times before the industrial revolution. But they seem so innocent and pure compared to the slow rot of humanity that is these ****ing desk jobs, our fat sloppy culture of enablement and access, our attention deficit disorder, our rampant depression and borderline personalities. I suppose it's that or face down the Yellow Fever or the Bubonic Plague, or some rampaging horde from somewhere or another. Still, it's hard not to sympathize with Tyler Durden once in a while on some level. At least a rampaging horde doesn't lie to you. They don't disconnect your soul or short-circuit your personality. They just kill you and rape your ****ing women. And how bad could that be, really?

Okay, so maybe I have some illusions about the hardships our ancestors faced...
You Tube, as fun as it can be, can only be described as what I like to call a "digital abortion". it is filled with a variety of interesting videos, but overwhelmed with way to much garbage. I cannot say I haven't fell victim to the simplicity of the famed website, but I do use with caution. Soending time rotting away, filling my head with garbage is the last thing I aim for. But I suppose the tidal wave of technology that plagues society will never end, and I will just grab my raft, and ride it until I find a stop that is for me..