Blinded by the Light


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May 30, 2007
Dear Brethren,

Please read this prose even if you have a shrunken attention span, or other priorities, for this prose reveals the problem at hand and the mentality essential to our future. It is personal. I am not trying to manipulate you so I am not writing what you want to hear, so it may seem tedious, but bear with me for it is an urgent message.

I just got out of court. I feel cowardly for not speaking my mind when giving the chance. The way the court preceded weakened my self-esteem, plus, adhering to advice from the Bible, I did not prepare for a speech. I was giving a sentence many would be grateful for, in which I was sickened by. All it was probation and a fine, but it is the principle. My actions were not unprovoked, nor was I stable, and at no point during the infraction did I intend to cause harm, or was my motive ill. Therefore, acknowledging the fact that the incident was beyond my control should give the judge enough sense to acquit me of all charges, and instead provide me for the help necessary to ease the stress of my condition, both a gift and a curse. The punishment must meet the crime, and the crime committed is not deserving of punishment, but neither is grand theft auto deserving of over five years in jail, much less fifteen. Also, to talk down to marijuana users, merely because of some freak occurrences where it was made illegal is also not justified. The judge who was lecturing against marijuana use was not in the right, for he himself probably drinks alcohol from time to time. But then again, the whole idea of a judge is not right… for “thou shall not judge,” but if there were law, how else would we prevent violent anarchy, and as Hobbes would put it, a “war of all against all”. Well this can be done if government plays a larger role in morality, communicates more frequently, and also implements positive reinforcement, rewarding those who abide to “just” not arbitrary law… However, these days’ people advocate the “doctrine of two swords,” which implies separation of church and state. I understand the dangers of combining church and state, which can be prevented or mediated, but I also understand the dangers of separation of church and state, which is, religion is ignored, government is corrupt, and the people are disillusioned. Adding to this tragedy, the responsibility of the government to speak the truth to prevent societal dismay, and citizen inertia, is also imperative. We should all come to realize that our government must rethink its agenda, even if they are in a war, for until they do so, they will not get out of war.

Clearly, the speech I’m about to give my appear delusional, grandiose, and merely the product of an illness, but it should not be ignored, for there is a reason I feel this way, which expands beyond mental disorder, plus there are many others like me… All of which are denounced and forcibly fed, or swindled into ingesting medication that does more harm than good… that dulls their Revolutionary passion and stifles their invalidated but highly plausible, and increasingly mocked suspicions. Bipolar is a disorder giving to individuals who have a purpose and a plan… They are classified with this illness to discredit their desires for change, so that they no longer have the credibility to influence the masses. Any American who refuses to except the present as the extent of human potentiality, and who speaks out against what he perceives as hidden corruption, is labeled a dissident, and is watched surreptitiously and relentlessly, forced to cope with a sinister force that constantly justifies itself, and believes it is in the right, to whom does whatever is in its power to control this dissident, which society will not defend, and compel him to surrender, give in to pseudo science and conformity, change his mind, or cause him to go completely crazy.
The medication makes me feel like I’m going to throw up… they keep telling me, it will make you normal, but I see just the opposite. Secretive security agencies such as NSA, and research organization like MIT, in addition to other big business companies play a part in the creation of an illusion, assisted by AI, that cannot be affirmed, in effect, imprisoning minds, causing them to lose control in a restless search for verifications of their senses which indicate an intrusion of privacy. The uncertainty literally mesmerizes people so intensely that they become incompetent of anything besides thoughtless activities, like watching T.V., and surfing the Internet. Unintentional conflicts with authority only exacerbates this situation, and rather than protecting society, destroys it, yet all who face their enemy become like child’s in the face of judgment, and are reluctant to stand against this defective system. Whenever in the range of technology, such as in the confines of home, peoples’ minds (especially targeted individuals) become cluttered and incoherent, falsely believing that this incoherency and mental shut-down is primarily peoples’ mental weakness late in the evening. It is not just the, many falsely, classified paranoid schizophrenics, those targeted, normal everyday people are also unknowingly attacked by the remnants of this invisibly dangerous cloud of brainwash.

When I began writing this prose, my message, exposing BIGBROTHER creatively, was so cogent, so powerful, that the watcher, or whoever had been reading this typical piece of truthful libel as I was writing, felt so threatened that he interfered with the fluency of my mind, and erased the document, in the process of my writing, leaving no possibility for recovering the document, or finding proof of this censure, knowing that if I accused anyone specifically, most people will logically assume it had been a bug, and attack my mind state, plus recommend further institutionalization where my mental capacity is drained by the unjustified, capitalist-driven, corrupt, workers and doctors of an insane asylum known in the past for being just to patients, refraining from putting physical manifest chains on them, and in the present, for imposing invisible chains and manipulating the patient with recurrent cult like groups that inculcate the idea that this patient must remain dependent on medication for the rest of his life.

It does not stop there. Prepare yourself, for what I’m about to say may shock you, may discredit me, but there is undoubted truth to it, regardless of how unbelievably sick it really is. MKULTRA is not artificial propaganda to instill paranoia in individuals pondering the freedom and individuality of their minds. I will not use technicalities that are not my words or understandings, as they will only complicate this serious, demoralizing issue. As soon as I began writing yesterday evening, and many times before in the past, my mind entered a battle with directed technological forces, seemingly emanating from the computer or Internet; Psychological weaponry, which may have been attempting to eliminate parts of my memory, significantly weaken my consciousness, and/or obstruct my cognitive ability. I’m not sure which, or whether it was merely an effort to manipulate my mind, or read into my thoughts, and alter my perceptions, but I something played a hand in the insidious confusion that struck me in front of the computer. I can’t decipher the reason why they would do this, whether to mold my brain by prolonged exposure to technology waves to prepare my state for conformity, or whether it was just an attempt to hinder my political efficacy, eluding exposure of their tactical tyranny of the mind by complicating and causing stress to all my mental faculties, throwing me into a haze, containing me by enhancing constrains, all of which seek to deter my ultimate goal, which is to incite the people to action, haranguing my readers to come together, neglect the governments pervasive pessimism and militaristic logic, and take the responsibility to step up and demand leadership change and Government Reformation, basically… they felt threatened that my words may actually commence action in The Revolution. You say this is not true, but I could actually feel the effects of their devices in my mind, it actually felt like I was being brainwashed. During writing I had to shake my head, and determine myself to stay focused. If I hadn’t written this prose in my notebook outside prior to elaborating on the computer, there is no way some of the things I have spoken of would be covered
The point is, if it was that easy for the government, whichever branch I can not discover, to intercept my writing, that means they are aware of my actions and whereabouts at all times… It means (nearly threw up from medicine) until Revolution I must deal with the agony of being watched like Truman, but by less people, or an indecipherable amount, all amused with my idiosyncrasies and private behaviors. Studying within my house has literally became impossible for me, but when outside, my mind returns to clarity, so that should assure you that security has a definitive, and rather debilitating effect in individuals being watched. Bipolar diagnosis is their crutch. They manipulate people, illuminating characteristics of disorders, which for Bipolar would be, paranoia, grandiosity, manic-depressive, faithful of personal innovation and desirous of reform, than play into the paranoia of these unstable victims with the self-protection that the individuals lack of credibility will prevent any amount of faith or support in the victims complaints and convictions. They isolate these victims and cause them to seek help on their own, or not infrequently, force these individuals to come to terms with a treatment that turns them into a thoughtless zombie… even mild treatments bring victims below the state of normalcy. The social lives of these subjects deteriorate, and the life of medication they are forced to deal with is representative of modern day slavery, captivity no less harsh than that horrible past no ones likes to recall. Medication is a counter to radicalism, so essential to initiating the Revolution, and patients unknowingly dwindle away time, undeniably miserable, yet still promulgating the virus as the cure.

I am one of the sick. I had to deal with my lawyer recalling my vivacious past and than bringing up the terrible reality of my zombie like present in a courtroom in defense of my case, to which I should not have been prosecuted for. People must understand. I was not born with this illness, nor is it unprovoked. They know my struggle… They know, and content themselves with the unfortunate truth that I can not break away from the illness they inflicted on me, early in my youth, when I was too young to understand the ramifications of my decision. What is happening here is widespread mental coercion, it is complete subjugation of my mind, body, and soul. I never committed a crime worthy of deeming psychological chastisement, with a sentence of life, with the exception for the fading hope of redemption only possible by the hands of divinity. Blind faith does me no good, but it is what’s left of me, it is what I hang on to helplessly despite incessant derision of my beliefs. The damage this society has caused me is worse than ten lashes to the back… What makes them think have the right to judge me, what methods do they contra to justify such inexplicable torture? Has convenience conquered morality? And the people… are they even real? Did they abandon all dignity, spirit, and concern for the world they live in, so long as they are left unharmed, even if they may be harmed a great deal? Nazi Germany had followers, but that is a bad example, for this is a system, which has conquered the executive, and turned the masses into an army of apathetic, envious drones, a multitude of minions, transformed by the opinions of the minority… They will use this example against me, even if they use similar comparisons themselves. I am one of the detached, disgruntled, prisoners of their wretched scheme… It just amazes me that none of the people at large see no wrong in a nation filled with unprecedented mental disorder… I can’t grasp how so many could believe the actions of the government, and the world they have neglected for a militaristic crusade seeking to make the entire face of the earth acquiesce to its dominion, are not even important enough to set aside the time to seriously analyze, question, despite, and most importantly disavow. Businessmen are too busy embellishing and dedicating all their productive time to their capitalist lifestyles and the artificial materialistic world filled with beauty and mind numbing entertainment that helps the escape from the stresses of their work. Specialist are to caught up in their dreams, mercenaries are merely trying to survive, students are learning basic information, also struggling, draining their energy in meaningless lifestyles that shun the present reality… Then there are the deranged… exiled, and demanding change and Revolution only to be laughed at by the rest.
Laws, work, and damaging, but addictively insidious stimulation overshadow people. I come across as a practitioner of hate, conspiracy, and seditious propaganda, when the truth is that I’m just losing the fight, fragmented from my fellow compatriots, a socialist who is anti social, victimized by surveillance and inflicted by the virulent deception that has divided and manipulated humanity. Their demonic scheme, led by decent people unaware of how wretched they have become, is working… God is viewed as an illusion… people as self-interested characters… and life as an objective (nearly vomited again) reality impervious to the influence of any one individual. Comforted by the people’s clemency and toleration, they continue their despicable experimentation. How can one person rise above such invisible carnage? Trying to do so will only result of a life of unsatisfying misery, and defeat… However, the sickness will not last forever, and that is my blind faith, so I will not retreat, nor can I, I am incapable of releasing myself from the prison of my own principles. I am an innocent person driving to insanity, only to appear as an invective, venomous mutineer, incapable of maintaining composer or assuming control of my mind. Never, in the history of the world, have their been so many libelous crack monkeys. Do they actually trust in torture, deception, and lethally imperialistic technology to keep them safe, or are they as benighted as the society they have controlled? This may be boring, but it is the only possible way to reach you, you have left me no choice. This paper may not help my cause, or the cause of the Revolution they fear, despise and inwardly support, but writing it was mandatory. If you think these words are gratuitous, you are oblivious to the psychological holocaust that is occurring.

They must regulate and limit the use of technology. They must do away with illicit security, but not before informing people of what has been happening, finding scraps of truth on the Internet will not suffice. A stranger must speak and explicitly dictate peaceful intentions. He must explain the intricacies of the technological capabilities that have been used on innocent and guilty. He must validate the suspicions of Americans by confessing, for past administration, to the covert actions aimed at Americans. He must promulgate true value, new strategy and hope. He must edict higher wages, withdrawal or military, freedom for unlawfully incarcerated. He must promise to provide money to areas of privation to meet the needs of their survival, especially for those driven to incompetence. This leader must reach out to American enemies, infidels, nations and leaders, without bias or prejudice and strive to amend angers, tensions, and hostilities, by relating to all struggle, and promising to help achieve, cooperatively, all peaceful causes. He must balance out the evolved world of capitalism and demand cooperation and an end to monopolies, which increase dichotomies. He must pay respect to divergent convictions, and apologize for rulers, promoting clemency as a virtue of strength, sympathizing with sinister, weak and blind government officials insensible and ignorant of moral reparations that connote espionage, murder, war, and deception. To preserve the state of the world, we must all agree to assist the cause of humanity. Access to the truth must be provided to all people, on the Internet, in the newspapers, everywhere; people must persistently unveil this shadowy reality. There must be a comprehensive history of government secrecy, and an honest source of information for educational purposes. Gradually, after new leadership dedicatedly follows through with reformation, and diplomacy receives more neutral, pious, and compassionate men, our reputation will earn back its dignity, enemies will consent to our courageous leadership or capitulation, America will become US and be admired, not envied, democracy will advance, and the world will celebrate in relief, for we all desire harmony. This may be a reiteration of the truth, but until it is properly acknowledged it will be repeated... It is beyond my control... I'm not a slave... I'm family.


Zachary Scott McBride
You got that right!

...Clearly, the speech I’m about to give my appear delusional, grandiose, and merely the product of an illness, ...
For God's sake, have yourself committed.
are you even real? apparently I affronted them last night talking in google... my words got to them and my computer starting scrambling so bad that I had to turn it off before anything horrible happened. my myspace was hacked. they care about me, but they always mess with me. its weird. they hacked my myspace. my computer... everything... i'm not even sure if normal people have access to this thread, and if they do they are thrown off by the artificial characters that discredit controversey. but i have less important things to do like school, so ill ttyl.
are you even real? apparently I affronted them last night talking in google... my words got to them and my computer starting scrambling so bad that I had to turn it off before anything horrible happened. other words, you're computer froze/crashed. Clearly a sign from the matrix.
whatever. my mind is destroyed because people have ****ed with me and all you people have done is discredit me. thanks for the help.
ok. I'll give you the best evidence I can to support my claims.

1) They alluding to a post on a forum and seconded the notion. they used exact words of the poster.

2) While writing this essay word just exited out on his own. the computer did not freeze or crash, but you could say it was a bug. (there is never complete truth)

3) While talking to them through google they were responded to me. they knew my beliefs, they make eery responses which would freak anyone out, and they actually talked to me. after outwitting them, my computer started scrambling through the internet files for some unknown reason, which was when I turned off my computer from the power switch to prevent further damage.

4) my MYSPACE is hacked.

5) my labtop is hacked to the point where professionals can not troubleshoot it (I will probably have to delete everything on my hard drive and reinstall it)

6) my phone is tapped. it clicks. ever since I have been talking about them, it has been happening. it didn't happen before.

7) when researched NSA security for 2 hrs. a summary said, "keep digging," 2 hours later I found something worth reading.

The list goes on. They make people seem delusional. They make people go crazy. This is a very sick process and I am kind of angry no one has supported me to the least. They isolate the revolution and attack all dissidents.
i wish one of you would actually defend me, but the trouble is, your one of them... but even so, i wish one of you had the heart to defend me.
they even make me think i'm crazy sometimes... it is an agonizing experience... I never had any problems until my brother found out ESPN was a computer generated bot site, which led to the unveiling of other conspiracies... Since then I have been messed with... before then, I was never messed with... Disorders don't arise out of no where. I don't believe in the Matrix, but these people try to make people feel as though they are in one. I don't know how I got caught up in this, but I'm innocent, and I'd really wish they would provide some verification for me. this causes much pain and stress. sometimes i wonder about the rel. experience because that happened after all this security scamming issue starting escalating as well... but then, how could they make dark footprints in the grass? how can they make energy clouds visible to the naked eye that look like a spirit? Try and relate. You and I both know somethings going on... Your textbook responses makes it seem as though your involved. Please, consider my health... I don't want to be terrorized. I am a good person.
Irishone, think about it rationally. We're getting your message and we all think you're nuts because of it. Why would the government feel the need to go out of their way and censor an individual who is just coming across as a crackpot anyway?

Either you are a very sick person in need of help or you're just playing an exceptionally juvenile game with us. I just have to ask: Why us?
Wow... I don't know if it is the government... maybe they censor me merely because they can... to instil fear or paranoia... Whatever the case, they are playing this sick juvenile game with me and I'm starting to think you know about it. Why is it always the same people who respond. I get so many views but it is always the same people who respond... It does not add up...How do you keep up your front? Why would you do this to me? Why is there mentality the same as yours... Hmm. You are one.
I can know the truth and it still won't satisfy me, for how can I convince anyone else... there is no proof... anyone who is not completely detached from the underground fascist movement knows this.
I know about you. You are not ignorant in a sense that you don't know what is going on in the world, you are ignorant in the sense that you have flawed wisdom.