@Independents and Moderates!!!!


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Jan 10, 2010
Well so what do we do about this mess? Both parties will never see eye to eye anymore. Both sides are lobbying threats and acts of violence at each other. I hope all you conservatives and liberals are happy with what you've done to this country. I just want to say thank you for putting the final nail in the coffin that was America. I don't care if any of you want to flame me for my opinion. Go ahead. Prove me wrong by putting up your one sided links to political columns that support your views. Show me polls that favor your beliefs and the so called feelings of what the average America feels. Your polls and your so called FACTS are nothing more then LIES in the sickest since. You know god has a sense of humor when he gave us Liberals and Conservatives who pretend to spout the truth but in the end only serve they're political ambitions. As for independents...We've failed big time and honestly we are the ones to blame for being so naive as to believe what any of these so called politicians say and do. Bush screwed it up and Obama made it worse....I guess it's true what they say about Birds of a feather flocking together...