Navarro says: "Joe Biden Is a Traitor and an Illegitimate President."


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May 1, 2014
1. ....The Immaculate Deception

Donald Trump’s White House trade advisor Peter Navarro claimed on New York City radio show The Cats Roundtable on Dec. 20th that Joe Biden is an “illegitimate president” who was elected to the White House via “illegal votes,” BizPac Review reported.

“If we get an illegitimate and illegal president in Joe Biden on Inauguration Day without him being cleared of these possibilities of being president by illegal votes…this is history in the making,” he said.

“This country will make or break itself based on how this is handled. And I do not have a high confidence in our institutions at this point that they will handle this well.”

According to Navarro, he has “seen the Deep State” and “looked it in the eye.”

“It’s these bureaucrats who [were] around long before we were there and after we’re gone,” he said....

Navarro has recently released a 36-page report called “The Immaculate Deception” that analyzed six crucial battleground states in the 2020 election — Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. According to the report, there were various possible irregularities in the states, including ballot mishandling, statistical anomalies, and voting machine irregularities...


2. More than two-thirds of Republicans say the 2020 presidential election was invalid, according to a new survey.

The poll from the R Street Institute, a free markets group, found that 67 percent of Republicans view the past election as invalid, compared to 23 percent who believe it was valid.

About half of all Republicans said they believe their votes were counted, while 42 percent said the system is corrupt and that their vote “probably doesn’t get counted anyway.”

“President Trump’s rhetoric seems to have had a profound impact on his base’s outlook on the election,” said a memo from the Tyson Group, which conducted the survey. “Across all regions, our participants by and large opposed alternative voting methods, believed that those methods opened the election process to fraud, and felt that the 2020 election result was invalid.”

Former President Trump and his allies claimed that he won the 2020 election in a “landslide” but that it was stolen from him through systemic fraud....


3. When you have a former US top trade adviser (Trump's "My Peter") who claims that the incumbent US leader is "a traitor and an illegitimate president", what legitimacy has the US to accuse others of human rights abuses? :)

When you are not supported by almost half the country's voters (the 74 million people who voted for Trump) and have more than two-thirds of Republicans say the 2020 presidential election was invalid, what authority has the US under the current "illegal" president to push others around under the guise of promoting democracy?

When you stole a whole country from the indigenous people and drove them to the brink of extinction, when you decimated North Korea, tried to spread diseases like bubonic plague, dropped 32,500 tons of napalm, and killed nearly 3 million people and levelled all the cities on the Korean Peninsula with rampant bombing during the Korean War, when you unleashed chemical warfare in Indo-China during the Vietnam War, when you threatened to sanction and prosecute ICC judges who opened an investigation into US war crimes in Afghanistan, when you committed war crimes in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world, don't you feel the shame and embarrassment to accuse others of genocide and crimes against humanity in front of the whole war and under the eyes of God above heaven?

No wonder China's foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi slammed Secretary of State Tony Blinken (who boasts that Washington will "defend human rights everywhere") and other US officials during a recent meeting in Alaska: "The Chinese side felt compelled to make this speech because of the tone of the U.S. side. Isn’t this the intention of the United States ... to speak to China in a condescending way from a position of strength? ... the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.

“China certainly in the past has not and in the future will not accept the unwarranted accusations from the U.S. side,” Yang said. “To accuse China of coercion even before sharing the relevant views with China, is this the right act to do? Of course not ... We don’t think one should be so testy as to accuse some other country of coercion. Who is coercing whom? I think history and the international community will come to their own conclusions.”

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