Kramer's Rant


Nov 1, 2006
After watching him nearly break down on David Letterman tonight, I've got to wonder... "What exactly did he say?"

It must've been pretty bad. All they said was that it was "racial slurs."
I also do not know the contents of this "rant" or the alleged racial slurs. It is rather telling if the hullabaloo is about the aftermath presuming the content and nothing is made of the content itself.
The video is on YouTube, if you'd like to look it up. I believe you can also find it on

He says the n-word alot, as well as says things like "50 years ago, you'd be getting a f--- stuck up your a--."

Can't remember the quotes exactly, but you can tell he was really pissed off. Still uncalled for.
I agree, this was in even worse taste than Ted Danson's blackface routine ten years or so ago.

I have to wonder, though - in light of his low visibility in recent years, was this a publicity stunt that was dreamed up and then went terribly wrong?
I thought it was extremely distasteful. While Richards has the right to say it, I don't agree with what he was saying.

I think the joke started off as a critique of the double standard we have in this country. Black men and women can make racial slurs about whites but not the other way around.

I think it started getting out of context when a few of the patrons got up and called Richards a "cracker-ass". Richards then proceeded to call them "niggas".

In my opinion somewhat shows the hypocracy. Blacks can get up and call him a "cracker" and it is perfectly acceptable while the other way is not. The man (who's race I can't notice in the video) is no better then Richards, you cannot fight racism with racism.
My mom always told me that two negatives only make a positive in mathmatical equations. She was right. Calling someone names because they've called you one only escalates the tensions between people. While Richards had the right to speak his mind, he should have chose his words more thoughtfully.
They were talking about the incident on The View this morning. I believe Rosie O'Donnell said something like Richards doesn't have much standup experience, but it well known from tv, which places him under a huge amount of pressure. I wasn't completely paying attention, but I think she was trying to say that he didn't know how to deal with the heckling.
The dude's career in front of a camera is now officially dead IMO. After all the stuff he said.... he might as well have marched around in a white robe at a KKK rally.
Not to legitimate anything he said, but I think he's being held up to a double standard. The hecklers weren't reprimanded for calling him a "white ass cracker," but he gets slammed for calling them a racial slur. Neither party is innocent here.
What seems ironic to me is the fact that Richards is not only falling afoul of the double-standard, he did so by demonstrating it. It seems likely to me that his motivations for the outburst was precisely awareness of this.
I seen this the other day and I feel this was totally uncalled for. This was not part of any comedy routine if you ask me. It was a case of him getting ticked off and running his mouth. I also thought his apology was rather lame if you ask me. That is just my opionion though.
I agree with Brandon. If you are going to throw racial slurs at us whiteys, then be willing to take hear it back. However, Thsi is Richards's jpb and he shoudl be held to a higher standard in this instance. I think he was wrong but, so were the hecklers.
I also think the lamne part was him contacting Jackson and Sharpton to make his apology.
I haven't seen the video yet but am going to look it up at some point. Totally inappropriate - was really surprised at this.