Tim Russert dies, our greatest condolences

top gun

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May 15, 2007
Ohio, USA
Tim Russert... the moderator of Meet the Press died unexpectedly today. Mr. Russert was a great political annalist and I know personally my family will miss his good works tremendously.

Our greatest condolences go out to his family.
After the 2000 election of Bush, Russert would frequently have lib political guests on "Meet the Press" on sunday mornings to bemoan the Bush administration (nothing wrong with that - it's a free country). So Rush Limbaugh would respond the next monday to sound bites of what the libs had said on what he came to call "Meet the Depressed". Finally, Russert invited Rush on his show, and started off with "Well, Mr. Limbaugh - welcome to Meet the Depressed." Laughter all around. :D If someone has a genuine sense of humor, I can like him to a degree no matter what his politics (almost). Russert was a rara avis in the lib media - a fair journalist. He will be missed.